All I Can Be: Music Video


Paul Wheeler Music


February, 2016


Diego Barraza


Paul Wheeler Music


Musician and BBC Live Show Director Paul Wheeler approached us to develop a concept and film for his track All I can Be. We sat down and discussed possibilities and agreed to create a film that would be uplifting and inspiring following the lyrics but giving them another level of visual interpretation. The project was scheduled to be filmed in January when UK weather is at its bleakest, a difficult challenge when looking for high key colourful tonalities.


With a close personal involvement in the project we chose:

  1. Strategy
    Use of the latest C300 M2 digital cinematography and appropriate lighting.
  2. Design
    Art direction integrating colourful schemes.
  3. Communication
    High tone colour correction, story and cinematography.


The video has been released to general public with great feedback and reviews. Paul Wheeler will be playing in several festival around the UK and Internationally. The music video, was a great tool for raising the profile and widening his fan base.


"I am happy to launch this new Music Video of my song 'ALL I CAN BE' Filmed and edited by the wonderful cinematographer Diego Barraza."

Paul Wheeler, Musician and BBC Live Show Director