Constance Short film:


United Reform Church


September, 2015


Kevin Snyman


Press Release


For a short biopic film I was aproached by Director Kevin Snyman for the cinematogrpahy of the project. As the assigned budget was a modest one we rose to the challenge of creating a period piece with the means available. Constance Coltman was the first woman to be ordained in a mainline denomination in the United Kingdom, a remarkable achievement given the dismally patriarchal attitudes that prevailed at the time, and in many ways, still do. Her journey was one of profound character, conviction and courage. Constance's story resonates with those facing discrimination, prejudice and misunderstanding in the church today...


With a close personal involvement in the project we chose:

  1. Strategy
    Use of DSLR camera and reduced lighting package, make best use of natural available summer light
  2. Design
    Development of the imagery
  3. Communication
    Dramatic tone, story and cinematography


The video has been released to general public under a Creatve Commons license worldwide, and it is been screened to bring attention to the centenary of this ground braking woman

"Diego Barraza brought peace, centredness and insight with his deeply professional approach."

Kevin Snyman, Director