We are absolutely passionate about creating quality films that we, and our partners, are very proud of.


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We are a multi award-winning media production house in the heart of the Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. Our ethos is to produce high quality tailor-made films of any size with a focus on creativity, visual flair and added value.

We are storytellers at heart. We create bespoke films that entertain, cling to your mind, engage audiences and get messages across. We are a team of highly experienced professionals bringing our film making know-how to make your story stand out from the crowd.

Our attitude is to imbue all the projects we undertake, with the craftsmanship of a carpenter, the dedication of a farmer and the creativity of an artist. With projects shot and distributed internationally, we have a cosmopolitan scope in the reach of the content we create, yet we like to keep our feet grounded.

Best Bespoke Film Production Company in Sussex 2020 and 2021 by UK Enterprise Awards.





Diego Barraza


Diego Barraza

Filmmaker and creative thinker at heart, shooting director and full member of DirectorsUK



Clive A Martin

Skills include: production, directing, videography, script-writing and soundtrack composition.

Kirsten Germann


Kirsten Germann

Production engine at SaGuarda Studios and our very own health and wellness guru.


Development producer

Joaquin Huezo

A “make-it-happen” man. "I focus towards results and problem solving. I'm fast thinker, rational and patient under pressure.."

Richard Norris

Composer and Sound

Richard Norris

Music dude with a Doctorate in Music Composition from London Royal Holloway University.



Our Partners

We work with all type of organizations, from corporate, NGOs to start-ups and individuals. We love to add value to your project.

Creative Direction and Concept Development

Working closely with clients to generate an approach unique to the project needs.

The Planning
  1. Idea Development
  2. Creative Strategy
  3. Scriptwriting
  4. Planning and budgeting
  5. Filming permits and Insurance
  6. Casting and schedueling

Film and Video Production

The Execution
  • Technical direction
  • In house video and film gear
  • Location booking and managment
  • Creative Direction
  • Talent and Crew sourcing
  • Resource management
  • Cinematography
  • Live event filmming
  • Live event internet streaming
  • Green screen filmming


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Social Media Live Streaming

Live multicamera streaming services that showacse your your talent and engage your audience: we produce online conferences, live streaming, concerts, seminars and presentations.
Cost efective soulutions to make your live stream pop. Call for a quote now.

Post Production and distribution

The Finishing
  • Editing
  • Music Scoring and Sound Design
  • Special Effects
  • Motion Graphics
  • Online versioning of content
  • Distribution strategy

New Studio Facilities

In house 27m2 dedicated space for:
  • Pack shots
  • Product catalogue photo and video
  • Interviews and head shots
  • Green screen
  • Fashion photography and video
  • Live streaming events
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"Starter Package"


Half day production (Planning)
Half day shoot 1 man crew
Camera, Sound and Lighting
One day edit
Extra editing £50/Hour
Price for reference only

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Social Media Video Strategy

3 Month Content Pack


Limited time offer

12 videos ready for social media
Strategy creation
One day shoot
Special for service based buissness
Brand discovery and brand awareness
Educate your market
Guarantee results
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Best Choice



Creative Direction
Production meeting
One day production (Planning)
One day shoot (2 man crew)
Two days editing
Internet music licence
Big sensor camera
Beauty look and high concept
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SaGuarda Studios

High End


High end production value
High end camera package and crew
High end GFX, Music and Finishing
Price for reference only

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